Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Dance of Bronze 26

Finished these off last night as aware that the month is rapidly moving towards the last third and there is nothing as yet completed. 

The figures are from Xyston's range of Greeks and will be used in, well, you guessed it, Greek armies for DBA and ADLG.

Xyston's figures are not to everyone's taste however, I really like them and find the sculpts suit my style of painting for 15mm. 

Back to the Crusaders this evening to progress another combined stand of spear and crossbows for ADLG. 

This takes this month's total to: 

8 x 15mm infantry.

Cheers for now



Jonathan Freitag said...

You are in the board!

Michael Awdry said...

Lovely stands, well done Sir.

roma912 said...

Thanks gents, needing to focus and stick to the one thing just now, too much of the butterfly in a field of flowers just now.

Cheers, Ross