Sunday, 12 June 2022

Back to the Brushes 343

Prep the beginning of all figures and in this case Arab Infantry from Old Glory and an elephant from Museum Miniatures. This is affectionately known by some gamers as a Death Star, can't say that has ever really been the case here as those pesky X-Wings always manage to destroy the group before it can get into range. 


The elephant is proudly sitting on a vintage base from Warbases; vintage as this was produced pre-laser cut bases became available from Warbases. 

A few more stands worth of infantry to be prepped ready for spraying later in the week along with some more Turkopolen horse archers.

Hoping to be posting more frequently again and looking to settling back to regular painting sessions now the new glasses have arrived. 

Cheers for now


Jonathan Freitag said...

Especially looking forwafd to seeing your War Elephant finished.

DeanM said...

Nice looking Ancients project, Ross!

Prufrock said...

That is a beast of an elephant!