Saturday, 22 January 2022

Fantasy Hero 21

Part of the first entry to this years AHPC XII were some retro skeletons from Citadel and possibly Marauder - armoured axe armed skeleton second from the right.

The intention with these was to capture the detailing on the skeleton with as little work as possible. So, out with the rattlecan of Skeleton Bone from Army painter, contrast paint Skeleton Horde and Vallejo Ivory with a dry brush. 

Spray, touch up with the same colour then wash with contrast paint. Finally dry brush with mixes of Skeleton Bone and Ivory. Quick, easy and effective. 

There are another two from this grouping to be completed and then on to the next period for a while. Not going to get stuck in a rut this time by painting too many different things at once - just two or three 😀


Cheers for now


tradgardmastare said...

Nice , old school miniatures.

pancerni said...

Very cool looking!