Sunday, 13 September 2020

Back to the Brushes 276

The next finished item was painted from start to finish in just over 90 minutes. This ruined column from Templar Scenery is intended for use with Mortal Gods and other skirmish style games in 25 - 28mm.

The pictures show the painting in two stages:

Above is the work in progress picture showing the column painted in Citadel Dheneb stone and washed with Army Painter soft tone. Looking closely will show the start of the layers in the column in the base coat.

Above the finished item with layering completed in two stages:

  • Layer 1 - Base coat Dheneb Stone
  • Layer 2 - Dheneb Stone and Wraithbone mix (1:2 ratio)

The pillar was finished off with a light dry brush with Wraithbone and White mix (1:1 ratio).

The base mix is from the Geek Gaming Base Ready range - Mediterranean Soil; a new item here and the first use, that is this column is promising for future basing. It will certainly be quicker than the current method of gluing sand, inking, dry brushing and then adding static grass and tufts. 

Now to the stats

Day 13: 1 x 28 ruined column, taking the total this challenge to 2 items.

With 17 days to go until the end of this challenge there is a lot of painting to do; however there has been a lot of painting happening in the background too. 

Hope that you found this of interest. 


DeanM said...

Nice terrain piece, Ross. Love your earlier works, particularly the DAK figures.

tradgardmastare said...

Very effective piece of scenery which looks great painted up.

Pat Smith Silver Whistle Blog. said...

A timeless piece that I am sure will get plenty of use on the table. Subtly painted and nice base work.

roma912 said...

Thanks everyone, your comments are greatly appreciated.