Sunday, 24 March 2019

Imperium Sine Fine 17

Rebasing or re-purposing as I now think of it can offer many opportunities and potential challenges to a gamer and painter. The Late Roman infantry below have been recently re-purposed from Impetus style bases on 120 x 60mm to 60 x 40mm bases for ADLG. 

Six of the back rank on these stands have been match painted to the rest of the unit, originally painted around 15 years ago.

A recent entry in the AHPC IX these figures were surprisingly good to paint and have sparked off a Late Roman revival and change the bulk of initial planning for the Painting Challenge.

Figures three and four from the left are the original paint jobs.

More Late Romans to follow shortly as both finished and work in progress pictures.

Cheers for now.


tradgardmastare said...

They are looking great.

Phil said...

Well done, great looking troops!

roma912 said...

Rhanks Alan

roma912 said...

Cheers Phil greatly appreciated.