Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Dance of Bronze 20

These little fellows were painted during the 30 days 30 miniatures challenges in 2018 and have only now been fully based.

All three stands have figures from Rapier Miniatures Greek and Macedonian ranges.

Three more phalanxes are needed to reach the required amount for a DBA army and each base will require a rear stand for ADLG as the bases are double depth.

The cavalry will see use as medium Greek cavalry in both Greek and Macedonian armies with Companions and more medium cavalry to follow.

As always the massed effect of 6mm figures is hugely appealing and perfect for basing on 40mm fronts.

Next up will be some work in progress pictures then histoical and fantastical figures in varying sizes.

Cheers for now.


Phil said...


Jonathan Freitag said...

They were worth waiting to see!

DeanM said...

Very nice looking army, Ross.

roma912 said...

Thanks gents your comments are appreciated. Cheers, Ross