Monday, 30 July 2018

How far Jerusalem?

The start of a new series of posts for this blog detailing the progress on several related projects in different scales.

Firstly, will be the Ayyubid army of Saladin for ADG in 15mm. Figures being a mix of Black Hat Miniatures (Gladiator Miniatures), Essex and Minifigs.

Next will follow the Late Crusaders again in 15mm with the figures coming from Black Hat Miniatures.

In between both of these will be some Crusaders and Saracens in 28mm. Undecided yet which way to go with these although there is a fair chance that this will involve a military order steeped in both history and myth.

The title of these posts is linked to the central theme and location for the armies and a hommage to an old favourite by Magnum:

More on this shortly

Cheers for now.


Simon Jones said...

Magnum what a fantastic band, saw them lots back in the day!

fireymonkeyboy said...

I have to ask, why the simultaneous double scaling for the crusades?

roma912 said...

Looking to game in this period at both skirmish and larger battle level.

Also the painting styles for the two different scales are veey different.

Cheers, Ross

George Anderson said...

Should be an interesting project or two.