Friday, 4 May 2018

Back to the Brushes 158

April has seen a change in pace and a rebasing project for a friend started and finished. A large quantity of 15mm British Napoleonics have been slowly removed from their original bases of card and plastic card and rebased on more substantial bases from Warbases in the form of MDF. 

The debris is removed prior to the gluing starting
The rebased miniatures await collection by their owner for varnishing and flocking; flocking glad that's not something to be done here.

 Some of the hairy arsed Highlanders as the rebasing progresses.

Hope to see these figures soon in either Command and Colours or Shako type games.

Next post will focus on work in progress assuming the technology doesn't completely fail; have had to resort to using phone to take images, uploading to Google Photo and then importing into blog as having serious issues with hard-drive on desktop. These first world problems are so testing.

Cheers for now