Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Back to the Brushes 150

A few work in progress pictures for the Challenge so far

The Eternal Guard from Alternative Armies move on unholy step closer to completion.

The orc is a straggler from before the challenge that will be finished soon

Two retro Chaos Warriors from Citadel  in differing stages of readiness. The left hand as viewed waiting on basing the right hand as viewed with base colours blocked in for a black and gold colour scheme on armour and cloth.

Background to them all are the peltasts that have received another layer of flesh tone since last seen, not that you'd be able to tell in these pictures. 

More to follow shortly. 

Cheers for now


Tom said...

Hi Ross,
Can I ask, what gold paint did you use on the Chaos chap? Is that one coat or more? It looks a good finish, no matter if you intend to shade or highlight later.


roma912 said...

Hi Tom,

The gold is Fondry Brazen from their gold triad. Its the shade tone of the set. Only one coat over a black undercoat.

Has now been washed with Army Painter strong tone and recoated with itself and highlighted with Foundry Gold b. Pictures to follow soon.

Cheers, Ross

caveadsum1471 said...

Gold and black chap looks great!
Best Iain

roma912 said...

Thanks Iain, much appreciated