Saturday, 31 January 2015

Back to the Brushes 100

Below are some working progress pictures of a few of the miniatures on the painting table at present. Firstly, another Chaos Warrior from Citadel in the mid eighties who will hopefully be completed this evening.

Next are two of the nine Uruk Hai that are being painted at present. It seems that there has been a bit of splatter going on whilst base coating the Drop Troopers beneath. The other seven are moving along steadily as well.

The Drop Troopers will support the GZG Infantry recently painted for the challenge - pictures to follow.

Some more "cats" for the Germans in WW2, this time three Panthers all from Frontline. The two pictures show the base colour Mid Stone from Vallejo and then how it looks after a liberal wash of Nuln Oil.

From here the tanks will be dry brushed the base tone again, camouflaged to suit and then dry brushed Foundry Moss C. At this moment not sure on how the camo will look so will be doing some image searches for ideas soon

That's all for now although there will be some completed pictures to follow.

Cheers for now.

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