Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Back to the Brushes 95

As September draws to an end, so hopefully does painting Moorish Spearmen for a few weeks or so. Pictured below are figures from Gripping Beast as they progress to being ready to base.

 A couple of Iman to inspire the faithful and lead their followers into battle. The figure above is still very much work in progress whereas the figure below is ready for varnishing and basing.

Another three spearmen for the rank and file troops in the stands. The whites of the eyes are perhaps to clear here and will be knocked back with a wash of Devlan Mud or its equivalent very soon.

Looking to have four stands of Foot Protected from these figures with up to nine figures per stand and pictured below are how the figures are starting to fit together for the final bases.

The shield transfers shown below are from Little Big Men and will all be in the one stand when completed.

Next up will be something from an army that is very likely to never be finished, but more of that soon.

Cheers for now


Jonathan Freitag said...

I like them a lot! Keep them coming.

DeanM said...

They look great. I have too many Normans to field as Crusaders to get into this cool looking army.