Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Back to the Brushes 99

A quick update on the painting progress at present - apologies for the lousy pictures. As has been the norm over the last couple of months a couple of different periods and scales have been getting worked on at the same time.

First up is another retro Chaos Warrior from Citadel. Bags of character here, although the pic really doesn't show it.

Next up are four AFV from Britannia Miniatures. These will be worked on over the weekend taking the total of completed 1/72 scale vehicles for WW2 waiting to be shown for the Analogue Painting Challenge to nine. There hasn't been an afternoon when the natural light has been good enough to take a range of pictures - as these quick work in progress pictures clearly show.

Last up are - although you may struggle to work out the 28mm figures - Uruk Hai from Games Workshop's LOTR range and 6mm from Rapier Miniatures. The Uruk are to complete a warband started just after the release of the Fellowship of the Ring and the 6mm are this year's major project.

There will be more to follow soon as well as some finished items from a while back.

Cheers for now

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