Sunday, 23 February 2014

Dance of Bronze 7

This was the third part of the recent entry into the Analogue Painting Challenge. The figures are from Redoubt Miniatures Trojan War range and are based here as a stand of javelin armed light foot for Impetus.

The shields have been painstakingly painted to match in with those from previous stands of this army and whilst the end result is worth it, sometimes it doesn't feel that way when painting them.

Work progresses on another two stands for this army at present with hopefully another one being completed before the end of the challenge. Time will tell on this though as there are many other shiny toys waiting to be painted too.

Pictures to follow shortly of some varied work in progress.

Cheers for now.


Cyrus said...

Excellent painting on the Redoubt figures, the shields look great!

DeanM said...

I missed this post earlier - wonderfully painted and based. The shield work was worth your efforts. Best, Dean