Saturday, 2 February 2013

Having an awful lot of...

lately. Its mostly in Russian and the chances of anything being of use is remote, but still it comes.

Everything is moderated prior to being posted, its just that it is becoming a pain in the arse. Hopefully, no valid comments are deleted but please bear with me if they are.

Normal service to resume just presently.

Cheers for now


Monty said...

I feel your pain. For the longest time, I was able to keep character verification off but once the spammers found my blog, it gets hit immediately when I have it off. I've had people email me and apologize that they don't comment because of the difficulties of character verification. ARG!

Puts us between a rock and a hard place!

DeanM said...

Same here - I had to use the verification due to tons of spam. I know it's a pain filling in the characters - especially when some are practically illegible ;)! I think all of us bloggers understand though. Best, Dean

Paul´s Bods said...

There´s tons of it at the moment. A lot of it makes zero sense no matter what language it´s written in. The worst thing was (before I put the modification mode on) was they were posting in old and less looked at posts. It took me two days to clear the rubbish out..I had to hunt through each and every post.

Ian said...

I've set mine to followers only can post, stops spammers but also means those who follow the blog without signing up can't comment. Like you say, a rock and a hard place