Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Back to the Brushes 39

Here are a few work in progress pictures of the base of Mycenaean Swordsmen that are gracing the painting table at present. 

The finished army will contain several of these bases to help protect the flanks of the spearmen from more mobile types such as chariots and light foot.

The figures are from Redoubt Miniatures and hopefully will look the part once completed with mixed figure of eight and round shields.

Have opted for only six figures on the base to try and capture the feel and movement of lighter armed troops of varied armament and protection. The other planned base of swordsmen will have a higher number of unarmoured figures to reflect this as well.

There will be more to follow from Troy soon as well as something just that little bit different.

Cheers for now


roma912 said...

Posted on behalf of DeanM as I have managed to delete the original in error:

"Nice progress - I love the Redoubt Trojan War range. Fantastic figures. The large body shields will certainly complement them too. Best, Dean"

Thanks for the comment Dean!

tradgardmastare said...

The Bronze age is brought alive by your fantastic figures great work Ross.
I am intrigued by what is coming next...
best wishes

Phil said...

Impressive, they are looking very nice!

roma912 said...

Thanks for the comments gents. Working on the next post later today.