Thursday, 19 July 2012

Back to the Brushes 28

Well, there was a fairly productive evening last night and the last few character figures for the Foederatii stand for the Late Romans have moved on a stage or two. The figures are from Gripping Beast's 6th/7th Century Germanic's range.

To assist these guys in the defence and pillaging of an Empire the following stand of Light Cavalry has been started. Again the figures are from Gripping Beast, this time from their Nomadic Huns range. Great figures with a huge amount of character.

Not sure about the colour of the flesh on these two figures, so they may get re-done over the weekend.

Lastly, every good Mycenean Hero needs some back up. These figures will suit this purpose wonderfully and as Light Foot in Impetus can support the Chariots with their pace and reasonable Impetus. Early stages at present as this is only the base coat of the flesh.

A warm welcome to the newest followers:

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Hopefully you will enjoy the ramblings here and find something of interest.

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