Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fury of the Norse 2

The following pictures show the Warlord character for SAGA along with the last of his first hearth guard figures. Both figures are from Gripping Beast and show the differences within the Viking ranges they hold.

The main man in all his glory with his nicely painted shield, which no doubt will be re-glued in place during use.

A Little Big Men shield transfer was used to complete this hearth guard. Maybe next time this will be hand painted; then again why spend all that time when these are so good?

The pegs were painted in two stages: firstly paint the trousers as normal including full tones, in this case  from light grey to white. Then paint the contrasting colour over the base colour again allowing for shading and hight-lights. If necessary, and it was, touch up any overspills on the white.

An eager Warlord leads a more reluctant Hearth guard into the fray. The foolhardiness of youth! The choice of figures for the hearth guard has been quite deliberate as this unit is fairly static and the next will be more active in their poses. This will help for recognition on the table between the two units if both used at the same time.

The first complete hearth guard waiting for orders then following the leader and put your left arm out.

Next up will be some more finished Late Romans, some work in progress pictures of their Germanic Allies/Foes, the story so far on basing Napoleonics and if time allows this week something completely, completely different.

Cheers for now


DeanM said...

Great looking bunch of Norsemen. Love the basing and your hand-painted shields. Best, Dean

Ray Rousell said...

Excellent figures!!

kingsleypark said...

I do like the dynamic pose of the Warlord figure and the paint job really brings him to life.

How do you find using the shield transfers? My freehand skills limit what I do with shield designs but I have heard that the transfers can be a bit tricky to use

Legion Games said...

Thanks for the comments gents, much appreciated.

So far I have very few mishaps with the transfers from Little Big Men. They are easy enough to use and worth the effort, best having a few practice shields that will be at the back of a unit or that can be replaced first though.


EinarOlafson said...

Very nice Vikings!! The Warlord is fantastic.

I like Gripping beast Miniatures but I think that my first Warband will be made of Foundry´s ones.