Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Back to the Brushes 23

Here are some work in progress pictures on the Late Roman Foederatii. The figures are all from Gripping Beast's Germanic range. Have been playing around quite a bit with the figures at this stage to find a suitable basing layout and this is looking like the final draft. At present there is very little painted on the majority of the figures, but by working out the final positioning the colour scheme can be created to go around the two central figures. What the final colour scheme will be is a mystery at present.

At the this stage the priest - top left - and the dog handler - top right - are remaining on opposite sides, but that could change as the priest does look like he has just singled somebody out.

Below are two skirmishers for the next stand of javelin throwing loons that is nearly complete. The guy on the left looks like he should be on a 118 advert.

Above are three medium cavalry for the same force. The left most figure was completed a good few years back as part of the original WAB army these figures came from. Having some surprising difficulty in trying to paint the other two horses so that they match the original on the final base. Have changed the way that horses are painted over the last and am struggling to remember what was done previously. Here are few more detailed pictures of the original and the shield transfer is from Little Big Men.

Next up will be the completed stands of Late Romans.

Cheers for now


Hendrid said...

Looking good so far, I always liked the Saxon thane drawing his sword figure. Cavalry look spiffing.

tradgardmastare said...

Excellent looking base full of atmosphere.I look forward to seeing it completed...

Remco said...

these look suberb al ready, have fun painting!

kingsleypark said...

I agree with Hendrid, the Thane/Priest figure is a cool looking model. Looking forward to seeing him completed.