Thursday, 3 May 2012

And now for Something Completely Different 3

Another Dwarf has been completed for the first Songs of Blades and Heroes Warband. Yes, there may be more than one, but before that here are some pictures of the newest member and his fellows

This figure again is from the Northern Dwarves range from circa 1984, way back when it all began, well at least for here.

Most probably going to re-paint the cross shield above left to match the rune patterns used on the two swordsmen. It fits better with the dwarves as a whole and gives a more uniform appeal whilst allowing for individualism as well.

Work progresses on the Menapii Seniores and there will be more Late Romans and Germanic Tribes to follow shortly.

Cheers for now.


kingsleypark said...

These guys were definitely some of the best Dwarven figures that Citadel made.

A lot more character in them than the rotund, mega-bearded efforts they produce today

DeanM said...

Apologies for missing this post earlier; these lil' guys are cool and the painting and unique basing makes them even more appealing. Best, Dean