Monday, 26 March 2012

Back to the Brushes 18

Due to exceptionally fair weather over the weekend, not much in the way of painting has been done. There are however, a few quick snaps from earlier last week showing the afore mentioned new project. So here goes...

 Late Romans from Foundry and Gripping Beast.

To say that this is a new project is not strictly true as the Late Roman army to which these fellows belong to was started sometime circa 2002. The original project was a WAB army at two thousand points, which was completed up to a point and then left in the lead pile. All that said, WAB is no longer played here and the entire army has been rebased for Impetus. Some projects, however are never really finished and the Late Romans is going to be one of these.

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Competition pointed out one main thing; its good to have variety. The main project for this year will be the Mycenaeans, but the prospect of sitting down to paint another sixty odd spearmen with those shields is somewhat daunting so a few other things will be painted in between bases for the Mycenaeans, starting with the Late Romans.

The original concept behind the Late Romans was to achieve a fairly colourful army with some historical basis but a fair amount of artistic licence in there as well. You'll see this in some of the colour choices used for tunics throughout the army, which often match the shields of the unit being painted.

Anyway enough rambling for today and a few pictures of some of the other single figures on  the painting table at present.

Some fatigue markers for SAGA and casualty markers for Impetus in the foreground here.

A warlord and hearthguard for SAGA from Gripping Beast.

The main priority with painting through the remainder of the year will be to complete a variety of elements for Impetus, Disposable Heroes, SAGA and Songs of Blades and Heroes whilst keep in the painting as fresh as possible and having fun to boot. Not too much to ask really, is it?

Cheers for now


The Angry Lurker said...

Nothing wrong with those goals mate.....

Ray Rousell said...

Some great looking figures, keep up the hard work!

El Senyor Verd said...

That's a great project. Late romans are really fun to paint. I can't wait to see them finished.

kingsleypark said...

Sounds like an admirable ambition. Look forward to see how you get on with it!