Monday, 6 February 2012

Back to the Brushes 10

Some days you just need a change and this morning was one of them. The prospect of some serious painting was just not on the cards so a wee change was called for:

The first of the Opel Blitz required for the Flames of War SS Infantry force that has been gathering dust over the last few years.

The natural lighting is too strong today, so there are some heavy shadows on the backdrop, but hopefully the pictures will give the general impression of the models.

There has been a lot of talk over the last few months about playing Flames of War more often but at lower point levels around the seven hundred mark, so these will provide the transport for the first infantry platoons when needed.

Progress on the Mycenaeans continues with the light infantry unit completed and the archers well on their way. Layering paint just wasn't the thing this morning so no new pictures there.

Lastly, a warm welcome to two new followers:

  • Alex Mayer
  • EinarOlafson

Hopefully you will both enjoy this blog and for those of you who haven't visited EinarOlafson's own blog its well worth the visit. There are some stunning Trojan War figures there.

Thats all for now.