Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Lines are Drawn

The following are some pics taken last summer of a Basic Impetus Game between Polyibian Romans and Early Visigoths if memory serves correctly. The nots of the encounter are about some where but hopefully the pictures will tell their own story.

The battle lines in the early stages of the encounter.

First moves

Cautious Romans advance into the Impetuous Barbarian hordes

Closing in
Skirmishing begins

A break for the flank from the Romans

First blood to the Barbarian Hordes

The lines massing for the charge

The soldiers go marching, those masses align

First contact
The benefit of the large Barbarian units pushing back the Roman line

Pushing home the attack and tea
The flanking cavalry are held at bay by skirmishers

Drawing them in...
The reserve legion fails to break the Barbarian unit nearest the camera.

The lines clash again...
The Roman line starts to crumble but not without taking a heavy toll on the Barbarian hordes

...the end of play

Victory to the barbarian hordes but not without cost.

Hope the pictures give you the idea of the game and how it flowed.

Cheers for now.

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