Tuesday, 21 December 2010

We're back

Without tempting fate, the 5th Phalanx is now nearly complete. The re-painting of the bloomed matt varnish has been completed and in the main is a fairly good match to the original paint job. The figures have been hand varnished and at about 2 minutes a figure this will probably be the way forward from now on. Just can't face having to repaint another stand in the future.

Not sure if the remaining phalanx will be finished this year, hopefully, but with Christmas just 3 days away time is limited. The easier option would be to complete the 2 started units of skirmishers - 1 with javelins and the other with slings. Who can tell, how it will all work out.

Anyway enough rambling and here are a few pics of the 5th phalanx as the glue for basing them dries.

A little glimpse of what 2011 hopefully will be offering:

But more of that later.

Cheers for now.

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