Sunday, 29 August 2010

The story so far...

Well here are some pictures of the painted army as it stands at present. 

The following are of the 4th Phalanx and javelin armed skirmishers - which are still needing varnished and flocked.

One of the problems with gloss varnishing metal items after matt vanishing is that they really pick up any flash which is used. This is clear on the shield of the hoplite next to the musician where the Gorgon face is distorted by the flash. The photography side of this blog is something which requires further work to get a consistent standard. Oh and painting eyes.

The musician figure is from the Gorgon Studio range with all other figures coming from Foundry's World of Greeks range. Both are sculpted by Steve Sahel.

The second base of javelin skirmishers is planned around 2 figures allowing the bases to be combined if necessary as a light foot base.

Hopefully more of the 5th Phalanx before the month is out.

Cheers for now.


saxon dog said...

Looking fantastic Ross!

Legion Games said...

Thanks, Dave.