Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Losing that gaming mojo 3

Hoping to have another game of Chain of Command soon and this time will be looking at movement and shooting with more detail.

Have noticed that in WW2 gaming the scenery is as important if not more so than the actual figures as it really does determine the battlefield in this scale. Movement between and to terrain features is key to staying alive in this game as cover is a great aid to surviving and achieving objectives.

Some pictures of the terrain features that have been dug out of the attic to be used in Chain of Command that were thought to have been painted. Oh, how wrong as only the base coat had been laid down.

Above show the brickwork dry brushed with Foundry Brick Red A, B & C. The rendering has been wet brushed in Foundry Stone A & B and will be dry brushed with C from the same triad. Tiles at this point base coated in Foundry Slate Grey A waiting to be dry brushed

Below is a partner piece to the above from Hovels and has only been base coated with Homebase's exterior paint Bitter Chocolate Brown. This has been the go to base coat for all scenery and buildings for myself for years, sadly not sure it's still available.

More to follow soon

Cheers for now


caveadsum1471 said...

Nice looking buildings, if you take some of the bitter chocolate painted on some card or board to b&q or similar they can match it, alternatively you could pick up some dulux paint charts and match it that way.
Best Iain

Michael Awdry said...

Two lovely pieces of terrain that I'm sure you will be thrilled with when they are finished.