Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Losing that gaming mojo 2

Well after the first post with this title tried something new - Chain of Command.

WW2 is a period that has always been of interest; probably due to growing up in the seventies when a good war movie was considered a good film until circa '77 and a certain film was released.

Surprisingly have a fair range of painted figures, support weapons, vehicles and buildings to game with. Hoping that Chain of Command will give an opportunity to dust off the British and German forces for the Late War period, which is very good as neither have seen the light of day in a few years.

As with any new rules, have a tendency to start small and work up to larger games. So infantry first with no support options just to get used to the moving, shooting and command rules. The rest can be added on in subsequent games.

After scanning the rules there a few gaming pieces that might be required if this becomes a regular game. Only time will tell on that although hoping to arrange another game of the same shortly.

With regards to painting - its mostly dark age and early medieval just now so the two parts of the hobby won't clash.

Cheers for now


caveadsum1471 said...

Be interested to see how that goes, gearing up for bolt action (that means buying but not painting figures! )but I think the basing is similar.
Best Iain

George Anderson said...

I too will be interested to see how you get on. I tried it three times before giving up.

roma912 said...

Will keep you up to date with any progress.

Cheers, Ross