Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Losing that gaming mojo

From time to time our motivation for the hobby ebbs and flows. Some drift off and never return others find a new period, scale or game to re-motivate themselves and others drop from one part of the hobby be that painting or gaming. 

Been there in differing ways over the years with different parts of this hobby from role-playing, skirmish games and larger table top games, the mood and motivation for these flags from year to year. Can be down to not gaming, too many games, new games, old games or just pure can bothered any more.  The constant has always been the painting and it often leads back to gaming with more energy than before.

So when your motivation drops, remember may the road rise with you and anger is an energy!

Off now to do a little painting



Michael Awdry said...

Happy painting! I know it always reinvigorates my hobby mojo when needed too.

George Anderson said...

Been there, almost went for the white flag a few years ago.

Hendrid said...

It comes to us all at some time right enough.

Good to hear PiL - Rise again. Great tune.

roma912 said...

Thanks everyone.