Monday, 1 May 2017

Fury of the North 19

Been having a period of low hobby motivation over the last month with added issues from back pain that is not enabling long periods of sitting for painting.

Here are some pictures from the end of the VII Analogue Painting Challenge and Penda the Last Saxon King

Figures from Gripping Beast's Germanic Tribes/Saxon range and are full of Dark Age character. Only the lead figure was painted here as this was a part of the challenge to paint as a team; in this case with Russ G

Hopefully will be able to start spending sometime on the hobby over the next few months as the lead mountain won't be scaled any other way.

Cheers for now


Phil said...

Wonderful figures!

Michael Awdry said...

These look wonderful!

Dont press the red button said...

The dreaded painting doldrums. Been there often enough, I am sure it will vanish soon along with the back pain.

I am still in the midst of a non hobby related project, work based but more of a personal advancement. Hopefully it will all be over in the next fortnight and my blog and club attendance shall return.

Good to see these guys again though, the retainers were a highlight of my painting challenge, I lined up too much production line painting and they were the perfect tonic.

Ps, are you still looking for oldhammer dwarfs, I may have found a few pre slotta. I have a job lot I'm splitting for selling at carronade and there's a few stunty fellows in among it all.

Rodger said...

Stunning work!