Thursday, 9 June 2016

Dance of Bronze 10

Pictured below are two stands of Rapier Miniatures 6mm Hypaspists for ADG. These are part of a Greco-Macedonian force that is being painted to be used in general for Hoplite and Phalanx warfare in the City States.

Slowly working out that the best way to paint these very small figures is to remove the need for detail on the individual. This is because the massed effect replaces the detail and creates a sense of scale and depth when multiple stands are placed together.

Will post some pictures in the near future that will show what is trying to be described above.

On the work bench there are currently another two stands of Hypaspists and six stands of Light Cavalry in varying stages of un-readiness.

Hopefully there will be some more work in progress and finished pictures shortly.

Cheers for now


Neil Scott said...

Nice work

Phil said...

6mm? Stunning job, they look great!

Michael Awdry said...

Can't believe just how much detail is packed into something so small.

Dont press the red button said...

Superb, and glad to see you've converted to the dark side.

roma912 said...

@ Neil - thanks for the compliment.

@ Phil - yes 6mm and thanks for the praise as this is a new scale for me.

@ Michael - there is a lot of detail and I hold the sculptors in high regard to capture it so clearly.

@ Russ - cheers mate, be on the dark side for a while just never gotten round to painting anything. Truth be told, if I was to start all over again 28mm would only be for skirmish and either 6 or 15mm would used for everything else.

Cheers, Ross