Wednesday, 1 June 2016

C Beams Glitter in the Dark

After dropping the Now For Something Completely Different title for fantasy and sci-fi figures and new title for each was needed. After some thought and reflection on possible titles the above has been stolen from Blade Runner's final scenes for the Sci-Fi figures:

Pictured below are another two command stands for use in Critical Mass with the figures being from Ground Zero Games

Some more finished pieces to follow shortly

Cheers for now


Michael Awdry said...

Very nicely done and a quote from one of my favourite films, although slightly anxious about Blade Runner 2!

roma912 said...

Thanks Michael, I wasn't aware of Blade Runner 2 - will investigate although like you slightly worried...

Cheers, Ross

Dont press the red button said...

Very nice mate, I must press on with the not storm troopers.
Blade runner 2? News to me, also worrying.

roma912 said...

You have me interested with the not stormtroopers ☺

Cheers, Ross

Phil said...

Nicely done, very nicely done!