Friday, 27 May 2016

Back to the Brushes 108

Some work in progress pictures of a variety of different projects and odds and sods shown below.

A mismatch of figures here; there are Gripping Beast Vikings, Moors, Ragnar Lothbrok and more Moors on the left of the picture as viewed. On the right you have some 6mm Rapier Macedonians, some vintage Citadel picked up at Carronade earlier this month for 30 pence a figure - this includes a Lone Wolf guardsman. To the top left of the 6mm chappies is a Foundry Rat Catcher - a very late Curtgeld Figure that is slowly taking shape. Behind this lot are 15mm Ground Zero Plasma cannons and then yet more Gripping Beast Vikings.

Central posed are the some of the painted ACW Confederates that came along with the English Civil War and French Napoleonic's obtained some years ago second hand. These are finally getting based for use with either Fire & Fury or Battle Cry. To their rear are some SHQ 20mm Germans that truly need dusting before anything can be done with them.

 Above are more Rapier 6mm, this time Macedonian Companions and Greek Medium Cavalry. A few more stands of ACW infantry - painted this time here and finally in the top left corner a 20mm 88 and 17lb AT.

As previously mentioned a variety of different things on the go with the ACW being priority at present.

Cheers for now  


Michael Awdry said...

Lots of wonderful things there to get you back into the swing of things.

roma912 said...

Thanks Michael, trying hard to focus on the ACW this month and next and get enough to play Battle Cry (ACW Command & Colours) as well as working on a Fire and Fury CSA army.

Cheers, Ross

Silver Whistle said...

You certainly have a varied mix to keep your painting mojo going Ross.