Sunday, 21 February 2016

Back to the Brushes 106

A brief up date on this years painting challenge progress or lack of it to be fair!. The main challenge this year has been finding the time to paint. With a reduced challenge level it has still be at major struggle to achieve a level of painting time to complete any figures to enter into this years challenge.

So what has been started and what has stalled? Simple really, nearly everything has stalled and new things have been started.

Below are a few stands for Critical Mass from Ground Zero Games including mortars, plasma cannons and HMG's. Four of each to be precise and these are moving on steadily.

Next are Recon troopers from the Critical Mass ARC range to tie with previously painted figures. Still to be undercoated as you can see but am hoping to have at least a reduced company completed by the end of the challenge.

Next is where the real change happened, in that at the start of the challenge the intention was to paint a Basic Impetus Macedonian army. Well this just isn't going to happen. The archers below will be completed and possibly the prodromoi and slingers but the rest of the army will remain undercoat black at present. Just one of those things, this army requires more time than is currently available to paint.

Three 20mm WW2 German armoured cars should also be ready by the end of the challenge, which will complete the German vehicles for this period.

Lastly, the Augmented Troops from Critical Mass that will be finished very soon as the varnish is drying in this picture.

There will be more regular updates in the coming weeks

Cheers for now


Michael Awdry said...

Look like you have plenty there to keep you busy, best of luck.

roma912 said...

Cheers Michael. It is amazing how little time you have to yourself with a ten month old son in the house.

Cheers, Ross

Dont press the red button said...

Never fear, it's still more than I have done this year.
Mainly due to lack of painting table at the moment and the usual ridiculous workload.
Major upheaval around here as the living room is getting the ripped out and start again treatment, thus the attic is full of crap to be relocated after the redecorating.

Keep going, we will get a game Critical Mass eventually with painted forces.(mine are only under coated)


roma912 said...

I have the joys of redecorating soon too!

Play the game? Interesting concept :-D I am enjoying painting the figures purely for the sake of painting them. Even considering another faction for the future - once I sell some more 28mm's

Cheers, Ross