Monday, 26 May 2014

Additional Nominations

Thanks to the following for their double and triple nominations for The Liebster Nomination:
So thanks to you both and rather than post another ten blog entries here are a few new questions for those who have already viewed or been nominated:
  • Which wine do you prefer: red or white?
  • When undercoating miniatures, do you spray or brush?
  • Favourite historical period?
  • What is your favourite brand of paints?
  • When gaming what is more important: winning or playing?
Please feel free to leave your answers as comments.

Now, its time to get back on with some painting.

Cheers for now.

1 comment:

The Kiwi said...

Wine, red or white?...neither! I don't like wine. Never learned how to drink it. I like beer though. Is it too late to learn how to drink wine?

Spray or Brush?...Spray.

Fav Historical period? That's a tough one. Top three in no order is WWII, Dark Ages, Early Imperial Rome and the invasion of Britain.

Fav Brand of Paints? Vallejo and Army Painter.

Winning or Playing? Definitely playing over winning.