Sunday, 20 April 2014

Dead Man's Hand 4

Over the last few weeks there hasn't been time to paint and blog so I have concentrated on getting a few things completed. Here are the first of these with another offering from Artizan Design's Wild West range for Dead Man's Hand.

As with other figures from this range these have been great to paint. Excellent sculpts with well defined features and clear lines throughout.

The left eye will really have to be touched up here. They say a camera never lies and this is poorly painted.

These figures pretty much complete the Lawman gang that has been painted over the last few months. This will allow some time for a few character figures to be added for more flavour in the future.

 Next up some small scenery elements for Dead Man's Hand.

Cheers for now


Andrew Saunders said...

very nice work on these cowboys

Monty Luhmann said...

Great painting, I do love DMH!

roma912 said...

Thanks gents, your comments are appreciated.

Cheers, Ross