Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Antonine's Folly - An Impetus Tournament

Here are a few pictures from several of the games from Sunday's Impetus Tournament hosted by Falkirk District Wargames Club. Overall a good days gaming and a few surprizes through the day.

The initial deployment
With three commands all with poor generals there was always the chance of ending up with an incompetent commander. First roll for the second command and hey presto, an incompetent commander. This was then followed by a second double meaning that the command remained inactive this turn.

In the thick off it
The two smaller commands fought off the Knights and their sergeants well, before with drawing. There were losses

The highlight of the game was the Protected Foot unit holding back the Commander in Chief on a flank charge for three rounds of combat before the game ended. This just should not have happened but the dice were kind when needed.

Overall the Late Romans faired better against the Feudal English than first expected. The game was a loss for the Romans but enjoyable all the same.

The second game against Late Samurai was also interesting resulting in a draw. The final game saw the Late Romans routed by the Lancastrians. Sadly there are no pictures from these two games and the final butchers bill is shown below. The results tell it all and the wooden spoon came home here.

1st David Burns, Lancastrian 341 points 
2nd Dave Knight, Early Feudal English 185 points 
3rd Doug Thomson Late Samurai 144 points 
4th Andy Wilson, Teutonics 123 points 
5th Richard Bryant, 100 years war English 104 points 

6th, Ross Manning, Patrician Roman 103 points

Cheers for now.


Andrew Saunders said...

Nice summary of the action Ross!

roma912 said...

Thanks Andrew, it was a good days gaming.

Cheers, Ross

Monty Luhmann said...

It looks like it was a blast!

Romans are a tough army to run in Impetus. It might be the only ruleset that doesn't treat them as doubleplusgood!

The Kiwi said...

Sounds like it was a fun tournament.

roma912 said...

@ Monty: The Romans in Impetus are not super drilled or over powered. I think their strength lies in good use of combined forces as their armies can mix and match varied troop types well. I however, have yet to find the good use part :)

Cheers, Ross