Monday, 24 March 2014

Analogue Painting Challenge Review

The 4th Analogue Painting Challenge has come and gone and its now time to review what was achieved against what was set. An ambitious target was set comprising of the following:

  • Twenty-one Citadel Orcs from circa 1984-5
  • A Lawmen Gang of nine figures for Dead Man's Hand
  • A Bandito gang of nine figures for Dead Man's Hand
  • Nine Sassanid Light Cavalry over three stands
  • Fifty-eight Trojans and Mycenaeans for Impetus

Early on in the challenge, due to work pressures, the expected total was revised and much of the planned painting shelved. In the end the following figures were completed and submitted:

  • Twenty-one Orcs
  • Seven Lawmen
  • Eight Mycenaeans including two casualty figures
  • Three Thrilling Tales figures for Pulp Era games
  • One Entry figure

This was not the one hundred and six figures planned for which was always ambitious. In percentage terms only thirty eight percent of my challenge was completed; that said everything that was completed was to a standard that I expect of my painting and am happy with. I can't ask for any more than that.

The painting challenge to me is about taking part firstly then painting figures. Its not about painting the most figures in the time given. I was disappointed that I lowered my total however, this was not the end of the world as by doing this I was still taking part. The real reward from the painting challenge is seeing other painters work and being part of the larger community and help this grow. The challenge shows that this hobby is more than just painting toy soldiers. 

Over the next few months the started figures from the challenge along with a with others will be appearing here. This will included the following:

  • Seven Wild West figures from Artizan Design
  • Nine Sassanid light cavalry
  • Fifty Mycenaeans for Impetus

All of the above are in various stages of "started" and there are a few other figures in the same category that will be added. SAGA will be played more which will lead to more Dark Age figures too. There are some WW2 figures lurking for later in the year, but these and others are a long way off. Plans change painting as for everything else as we all know.

Lastly a warm welcome to two new followers:

  • The Kiwi 
  • Ed

Hope that you find something of interest here.

Cheers for now

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