Friday, 24 January 2014

Dead Man's Hand

This is the first of a series of character figures for the game of the same name as above. Hoping to complete two opposing gangs over the coming months and perhaps some scenery too later in the year.

Below is the first entry to this year's Analogue Paining Challenge. This figure will be making its was to Canada very shortly and was a pleasure to paint.

The figure is from Artizan Designs and a second version will be being painted very soon. The stubble was the first attempt at this and overall has worked out very well. There will be more from this range in the future.

Opted for a generic colour scheme for this figure and am pleased with the effect it gives. The others from the same pack will be in similar colours to distinguish them from their "official" fellows. More of that later.

Next up will be some general work in progress pictures.

Cheers for now.


Andrew Saunders said...

Very nice work on that figure Ross

Phil said...

Very nice work!

DeanM said...

The stubble came out great. He surely looks surly. Best, Dean