Sunday, 17 November 2013

Plans within Plans

Its coming to a blog near you! The planning and preparation for this year's challenge has already started and will be based around the following miniatures:
  • Orcs from Citadel's Pre Slotta Range - 20 figures
  • Lawmen from Artizan Designs - 9 figures
  • Banditos from Artizan Designs - 9 figures
  • Sassanid Light Cavalry from Gripping Beast - 9 figures
  • Trojans from Redoubt Miniatures - 58 figures
The emphasis for this year's challenge will be to complete enough figures to finish the Trojan Impetus Army up to or over the three hundred point level. As the figures can be undercoated before the start date of December 15th this will be getting done over the next few weeks so that everything is sitting ready for the off. Looking forward to this years challenge and hopefully will rise to the task set of myself.

Cheers for now.


Andrew Saunders said...

may your brushes serve you well in the month ahead

Jonathan Freitag said...

Looking forward to following the progress of your Trojan Impetvs army.

James Brewerton said...

Good looking targets, hope you get them all complete and push for more
Peace James

Ian said...

Good luck in the challenge, hope you make your aims


sebastien gimeno said...

May the brushes be with you.

roma912 said...

Thanks for the encouragement, I am looking forward to this challenge this year to see everyone else's efforts and painting as well for my own painting.

Cheers, Ross