Sunday, 24 November 2013

Back to the Brushes 77

As promised here are few work in progress pictures of a variety of different figures on the painting table at present.

Above are Sassanid Light Infantry to be armed with javelins. Gripping Beast figures for the ongoing Sassanid Impetus army.

Below are two test Orcs for Songs of Blades and Heroes. These are being painted to try and work the colouring on the flesh for the up and coming Analogue Painting Competition. These figures will not be presented in the competition.

A Warlord for the planned Dux Brittanniarum warband. The blue was painted in the other day but not much progress on this figure in a while.

Another Elf for Songs of Blades and Heroes is shown below. Happy with the colouring on the flesh here, but unfortunately the eyes let the face down and will need some reworking.

Lastly, another two figures from Claymore Castings shown here after the armour has been block painted and washed. This is the first stage on the armour for these gents and there will be another three layers of paint added:

  • Base coat
  • Base coat mixed with highlight 
  • Highlight only

Cheers for now.


Ian said...

Don't burn yourself out before the Challenge starts ;-) LOL

I am trying to finish a number of part painted units ready for the challenge starting whilst also pushing the prep on


roma912 said...

If push comes to shove some of these will wait until after March to be finished. The preparation is very nearly done and then I'll take it easy for a while until the start of the challenge.

Cheers, Ross