Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Imperium Sine Fine 14

Pictured below are the recently completed Huns which serve as both allies and enemies for the Late Romans.

A note to self on this stand and all others, remember to varnish before apply the flocking to the bases. An interesting time was spent varnishing these by brush.

The last picture below shows them with more of their kin; this is one third of the final amount in the three hundred point army.

Cheers for now


Jonathan Freitag said...

Nice basing and great looking models.

What is your cavalry base size and shouldn't the cavalry be facing the long edge of the base rather than the short edge?

roma912 said...

HI Jonathan,

Thanks for the comment. The base is 120 mm wide and 80 mm deep.

I have based the cavalry moving from left to right to create a sense of movement which when all 8 bases are displayed together will show the Huns circling around. Basing for Impetus allows much more opportunity to be creative and because of this I went for the approach shown. Other light horse in other armies will and have been based more conventionally. The front of the base in gaming terms will still be the 120mm edge. Hope this makes sense.

Cheers, Ross

Jonathan Freitag said...

Hi Ross,
After your explanation, your basing choice makes perfect sense. In fact, your basing DOES lend a sense of movement that is quite pleasing.

Ingenious design!


Simon Miller said...

They look great! Scourge of god, etc. Presumably some heavies, to follow?

roma912 said...

@ Jonathan - Thanks again for the comments and glad my explanation made sense. It is easier to see than describe.

@ Simon - thanks for the comments and yes, the horses and figures for the noble medium cavalry have been set aside for undercoating soon1

Cheers, Ross

Monty Luhmann said...

Fabulous! I love what you've done here. There is no better system to paint for than Impetus and you've nailed it here.

These guys will be THE business on any battlefield they're on!

Phil said...

Beautiful units, another great paintjob and fantastic basing too!

Caliban said...

Lovely work - those furry coats on some of the riders look great.

DeanM said...

Great looking irregulars!

roma912 said...

Thanks again for the comments, all greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Ross