Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Gathering 2013 - An Impetus Competition 3

Pictures from the third and final round are below:

The Assyrians above fight it out with the Yuan Chinese below. However, this time they fail to win the day and the competition and are routed by the Chinese.

Below a rematch of an early clash at Antonine's Folly early this year in Grangemouth with Eastern Late Imperial Romans versus the Almoravids. This time the game was a draw evening the scores up a little from last time.

The last picture of the day came from the Patrician Romans versus the Lancastrian WOTR army. Here again the game resulted in a draw.

Overall the feedback from the day's gaming so far has been very positive and one person has said that the Gathering has restored his faith that Impetus competitions can actually be fun!

Thanks for looking and cheers for now.

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