Friday, 16 August 2013

Persian Fire

Here are the pictures of the first completed stand for the Sassanid Persian army for Impetus. The title relates to Tom Holland's Persian Fire  - a book worth reading if you haven't already - which covers the rise of the Persian Empire and the Greek Wars. Anyway enough babbling, here are the pictures.

As has been mentioned previously the approach to basing has been changed for this army. Here the base is painted with GW Graveyard Earth, then dry brushed with GW Desert Yellow, Kommando Khaki and finally with Vallejo Iraqi Sand. The flock is Galeforce Straw with Silfur Late Summer Tufts. This gives a good arid feel to the bases which was what was desired.

Work continues on the next two stands with pictures to follow shortly.

Cheers for now

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Phil said...

Very nice work on the archers!