Sunday, 28 July 2013

Imperium Sine Fine 13

Here at last is the Late Roman Camp for Impetus. The figures are from Foundry - foot, Gripping Beast - cavalry and shield stand and the tents are from Grand Manner. Not much else to say really so here are the pictures:

Overview of all three pieces together making the entire camp. The stand with the figures can really be place wherever with the two tents.

Some more detailed pictures of the figures for the sake of it. The shield stand includes two transfers from Little Big Men and one hand painted shield. The colours of the tunics reflect painted units from the full army and the cataphract cavalry man is also in the same colours as a stand of cataphracts from the full army.

Some detail of the tents themselves. These are robust resin models from Grand Manner and depict the trappings of a Imperial Roman camp.

Cheers for now


BigRedBat said...

Lovely tents! Colour is excellent.

Dalauppror said...

Greate brush work !!!

best regards Michael

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look great! I really can't wait until I can do mine.


tradgardmastare said...

What a most atmospheric camp you have there. Great idea well executed!

DeanM said...

Wonderful camp - looks like a museum piece. Best, Dean

roma912 said...

Thanks Simon. The colours for the tents are from the Foundry civil war range butternut drab, washed with devlan mud.

Cheers, Ross

roma912 said...

High praise indeed Dean and gratefully received!

Cheers, Ross

roma912 said...

Thanks to all for the comments!

Cheers, Ross

Tarty said...

Nicely done.....I like it a lot.