Thursday, 25 July 2013

Back to the Brushes 65

Its time for Project S to be opened up so all can view its progress so far. Before showing some pictures of the stands that are being painted at present here are some reference pictures that should make it clear what is being worked on the moment.

The pictures have been taken from the following web site Radpour where there are some great recreations of the period that Project S comes from.

So after these pictures Project S is clearly Sassanids. At this stage late period Sassanids, but the nature of the figures will mean that this army will cover all periods of the Sassanids as well as some of their earlier incarnations.

For the record the figures are again from Gripping Beast with the odd few from Aventine. The next post will show the progress on two mounted units and one skirmish unit.

Lastly a warm welcome to:

  • Grigork

Thanks for looking and cheers for now.


James Brewerton said...

Painted an army of these guys for a customer great fun
Peace James

Monty said...

This is gonna rock. I've never painted them but I'd love to one day. Bring it!

roma912 said...

I am looking forward to these gents and do hope I have fun on the way.

Cheers, Ross

roma912 said...

Coming soon!

Cheers, Ross

Nate said...

Awesome! Project S revealed!

I cant wait to see some shots of these guys.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Mem in mail in armoured horses, light cavalry and then at the back masses of infantry chained together to stop them running away. What more do you need? Look forward to watching this progress.

Caliban said...

Good luck - and thanks for posting that website link!

BigRedBat said...

Looking forward to seeing these!

Cheers, Simon

roma912 said...

Glad to share a good reference site with all.

Cheers, Ross

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Looking forward to it and I've also been collecting them.