Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Back to the Brushes 59

A few work in progress pictures below. The first showing the final part of the Late Roman camp base for Impetus. The figures are from Foundry - the two off duty troops - and Gripping Beast - the horse and spear/shield stand just seen in the fore ground. There is still a rider for the horse to complete and then the base will be ready for finishing.

Next up are a few nearly completed Viking Hirdmen again for Impetus. At this stage these figures could well end up being sabot based for additional figures in SAGA, but no firm decision has been made on this yet. Here the figures are all from Gripping Beast's Vikings and Anglo Danes ranges.

Project S is on a bit of a hold at present as trying to finish off the above Vikings and Late Romans to make some space on the painting table. Hopefully there will be more pictures of the above finished very soon.

Cheers for now

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Tarty said...

I need to do a camp for my Late Romans....look forward to seeing yours finished. Looking good so far.