Thursday, 6 June 2013

Back to the Brushes 58

The pictures below show the work in progress of the camps stands for the Late Romans in Impetus with two thirds of the camp nearly completed. The other third has already been started and there will be pictures to follow shortly.

The last picture shows the start of a Desperado gang for Dead Man's Hand. The figures are banditos from Artizan Design and really are full of character. More of these and other stuff for Dead Man's Hand in the near future.

Yesterday saw some good progress on the first stands for Project S, with a good few figures blocked in.   More to follow shortly hopefully.

Cheers for now


Jonathan said...

Very nice work, that tent looks great. Camps add such flavor to the game, even when not required by the rules. I need to get started on some myself...

roma912 said...

Thanks Jonathan, the camp element in Impetus can be an interesting part of the game. They also look good on the base line and can allow for some really impressive basing.