Friday, 12 April 2013

Back to the Bushes 52

The Mycenaean Chariot and crew are starting to come together. The horses are now completed and in their final position on the base. Yet again the placing is on the diagonal as it was felt there was just not enough room for  a straight face on basing. You'll see what is meant in the pictures below:

At this stage only the bass coats of colour have been applied to the wood and wicker of the chariot as there is still a fair amount of work to do overall. The exterior of the chariot box will be painted to show a textured hide effect similar to that used on the shields of other models from this army.

Hopefully over the weekend there will be some time to complete the crew and chariot ready for basing next week.

Cheers for now


tradgardmastare said...

Moving on very nicely indeed Ross.

roma912 said...

Thanks Alan, its an enjoyable ser of miniatures to paint.

Cheers, Ross

saxon dog said...

Looking great Ross...could you not just make the base a wee bit longer?

Monty said...

Heroic looking! This is going to be wonderful on the tabletop!

roma912 said...

@ Saxon Dog - Making do with what I have to hand at present although I will be speaking with Martin at Warbases shortly as the next chariot has four horses and this approach just won't work there.

Thanks to all for the compliments.

Cheers, Ross

Tarty said...

Such a great period, look forward to seeing them finished.