Friday, 5 April 2013

Back to the Brushes 51

Over the last few nights very little real painting has been done. A lot of thinking about painting and planning painting but very little actual paining. Perhaps its the thought of finishing off started bases, or committing to a larger project once the bits are done, can't say for definite, but the lids have mostly stayed on the paint pots.

A few pictures of the start of the end of a Mycenaean Chariot and crew are below:

The chariot has a driver and noble for crew with the third figure as a chariot runner on the base. Hopefully, these and the horses below will be completed over the weekend time allowing.


Then its on the completing the chariot itself. This chariot will have a hide effect on the panels similar to that painted on the wall shields of spearmen.

After that its on to basing the lot and then completing the next started base, probably the Vikings you can see lurking in the background in the first three pictures.

Lastly a warm welcome to:
  • Iannick
Hope that you find something of use and interest in these ramblings.

Cheers for now

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Tarty said...

Mycenaean.....great choice. Thinking about painting is one of my favourite pastimes :-)