Sunday, 17 March 2013

All Hell Let Loose 4

A mixed batch of WWII armoured vehicles here. The first pair are both from Britannia Miniatures in 1/76 scale. On the left there is a Marder, not sure if a II or III but a Marder it is and on its right could be a Wespe but the barrel of the gun is wrong. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

The models are well defined and great to paint. Hopefully, they and a few of their friends will see the table throughout the remained of this year.

Next there are a pair of Jagdpanzer IV's from Battlefront. At 15mm scale these are very detailed and  also very easy to paint.

Now the Jagdpanzer's big brother, the Jagdpanther. Not much else to say here other than must really complete the 20mm version of the same.

There will be some more form WWII shortly as well as some Vikings and WIP pictures.

Cheers for now.


DeanM said...

Very cool looking armor - camo paint jobs. Sory I can't help you with more detail on the "Wespe" in question. Best, Dean

Fire at Will said...

THe "Wespe" is a Grille Aust M, which has a 150mm Infantry Gun on a 38t chassis

roma912 said...

Thanks for the identification of the Grille Aust M!