Friday, 8 February 2013

Back to the Brushes 45

The last few nights has seen a variety of items being worked on the painting table. Vikings, more vikings,  Late War German Armour, artillery and crew and peltasts. Here are some pictures of figures in varying states from the above list:

First up are two Sturmtigers from Battlefront that are very near completion so there will be no further pictures of these two until after their entry into the analogue painting competition. Not the usual scale for WW2 here, and these along with a large amount of other Battlefront pieces will all be up for sale when complete.

The next two pieces of armour are both from Britannia and will hopefully be joining the rest of their 20mm colleagues in the near future.

Artillery crew from SHQ and a 105mm? from Skytrex. Again all in 20mm and very near completion so the last pictures of these too.

Next up are more Vikings from Gripping Beast. Seen here on their newly improvised sabot base so they can be used in both SAGA and Impetus. Hopefully, they all still fit nicely after being based.

The same group seeing their new colleagues for SAGA, the necessary point of Berserkers. Looking forward to finishing these gents off over the next few weeks.

Lastly, another stands worth of peltasts for the Spartans or generic Ancient Greeks. In the foreground, out of focus stands the crew of a Redoubt chariot that is slowly being assembled as well.

Busy times ahead and the clock is ticking.

Cheers for now


Monty said...

Dang, you are on fire! Nice work across the board.

The Sturmtiger is just crazy. A massive rocket launching monstrosity that comes into the war when Germany is retreating on all fronts. Too late! But super cool looking.

tradgardmastare said...

An eclectic mix indeed.I look forward to seeing them finished
BTW have you heard there is an exhibition/event on the Fife Home Guard on 16/2/13 at the Glen Pavilion?

Dalauppror said...

Several mice projects !

Like to see how the special trays for the Vikings turn out...

Best regards Michael